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Kimber was born in 1970 in a small city hospital in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State with a crochet hook in her hand. Physicians later found a crosstitch needle, a skein of yarn and a pair of googley eyes in her other hand. All attempts to surgically remove them failed. At this point, Kimbers parents were told the bad news. She was doomed to a life of Kraftiness.

As Kimber grew, she learned to live with her malady and soon discovered that she could wile away the hours inventing new and exciting methods of hot gluing googley eyes onto inanimate objects. As time went by, she honed her Kraftiness to a skill level of which she'd never before dreamt. At this point, it was as though it had already been decided. And thus, Kimbers Krafts was born!

Today, Kimbers clients enjoy a vast array of lovingly hand made artistic creations. Each and every piece is a unique item. Every month or so, Kimber adds several unique and charming items to her already impressive portfolio.

Stop in often to check out the new items and be sure to visit our store for the latest sales and auctions.

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